Бесплатный вводный
урок c Bernadette

Стаж: 14 лет
Образование: ESL Language Instructor
Сертификаты: TEFL

Hello, My name is Bernadette, however — you may call me Teacher B.

I have been working in the field of education since 2010, where I started off teaching art to children in the small town of Knysna, South Africa. When I have free time, I love painting, writing poetry, playing the guitar and of course, spending time outdoors — mostly at the ocean which is nearby my home.

In 2011, I started teaching EFL students in both group and private lessons. I have worked with students from all across the globe.

I am passionate about teaching adults and children. I have taught General, Business and Exam English students. I have had the opportunity to prepare students ahead of the following exams: CAE, IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC alongside of working with Business and General English students. I tailor — make all lessons depending on level and students’ needs.

I use a variety of methods, though find the communicative approach alongside of the PPP method most successful and suitable. I design my lessons in power point, use audio clips, short films and text books so you find it easy to follow and well organized. You will see that lessons place particular emphasis on vocabulary acquisition, fluency enhancement and listening. Grammar errors are corrected immediately and a concise explanation is always provided. I am here to support you in and outside of lesson time! Contact me so we can conduct a needs analysis and begin with our journey to fluency.

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Сергей Бизяев
Инженер в международной нефтяной компании, г. Южно-Сахалинск
Passed IELTS at a 7


I want to thank Englex team for the top quartile services provided, everything was efficient and perfectly well organised. Keep on!

I would also like to thank my teacher Bernadette, who taught the classes at the highest level. She helped me to make significant progress in preparing for the IELS exam and improve my average evaluation score from 6.0-6.5 to 7.0 required for my future carrier. She supported me at all stages and inspired me to succeed. She took my chellange for the IELTS exam very seriously and prepared me in a way I never expected. She very clearly and intelligibly provided me with the material and took me through the difficult path of preparation. Not many teachers are capable of this! I am very pleased with this quality of teaching. I really hope that Bernadette will have many more students whom she can help. Thank you so much!!!

Best regards,

Сергей Родионов
Научный сотрудник, г. Тюмень
I recommend learning English with Bernadette

I have been learning English with Bernadette for more than one year. She is a really nice teacher! She uses an individual and creative approach to teaching English. She has clear pronunciation. Despite the fact that I did not have a very high level of language, I understood almost all of her speaking.

I recommend learning English with Bernadette as a beginner or as a more advanced student.

Олег Калимулин
Научный сотрудник, г. Москва
I’ve faced a really professional approach

For more than three decades I have been exploring English language, in Russia and abroad, periodically attending courses, private classes or just watching videos on social or educational media. In fact, through all these years I wasn’t able to advance significantly my level of understanding, live speaking or vocabulary acquisition outside my professional routine lexicon.

Ms. Bernadette has brought about the most lasting change. Attending her private lessons on General English and Speaking clubs she delivered at Englex school, I have been delighted at her broad and multi-faceted teaching style, personal skills and abilities. I’ve faced a really highly alive, motivating and a tailor-made professional approach in combination with a clear pronunciation, the British humor and undoubtedly wide pedagogical gifts. Thank you very much indeed!

Роман Равин
г. Москва
My English has become more fluent and confident

I have been learning English with Englex for more than three years. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all team of Englex for well-organized process of studying. It’s worth keeping on that way! Next, I am very happy to have a chance to gratitude my teacher Bernadette using English language by my own. It was an incredibly helpful experience for me to touch an genuine English having the classes with native. Following the communicative approach of teaching which Bernadette provides, my English has become more fluent and confident. Eventually, I have succeeded in an ability to have a small talk of all topics around in more native manner. Therefore, I am extremely happy to recommend Bernadette as a teacher. She is absolutely brilliant at that.

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