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урок c Emma

Стаж: 10 лет
Образование: Bachelor of Arts in Modern Language Studies
Сертификаты: CELTA, TEFL

Hello, my name is Emma. I am from Scotland in Great Britain but for the last five years I have been living and working as a fully qualified, professional English teacher in Russia. I speak Russian fluently. My passion for EFL teaching was first kindled when I was studying French, Spanish and Russian as an undergraduate. As part of my year abroad, I taught one to one conversation classes for 6 months at the Charles de Gaulle Airport Learning Centre to the employees of Air France. I fell in love with the feeling of helping a student understand a difficult grammar point or new vocabulary and I realized that this was what I wanted to do. As soon as I graduated in 2012, I moved to Moscow, Russia to train as a teacher. I completed a 120 hour, classroom based TEFL course which included 12 hours of practical teaching and a nine month practical placement in a language school with monthly observations and weekly teaching seminars. Only after this, did I earn my TEFL qualification and Senior Teacher status. My students are of all backgrounds, from school pupils to housewives, company directors, lawyers, doctors and plastic surgeons. I adore teaching and I believe that a good teacher needs to be a facilitator, mentor, disciplinarian, mentor and friend all at once. I have an excellent rapport with my students and I go above and beyond to make sure my students get what they need. I have seen the professional and personal advantages of having a good knowledge of the English language and I want to give that to as many people as possible. I look forward to meeting you and creating the course that best suits your needs and can help you meet your goals!

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