Бесплатный вводный
урок c James

Стаж: 3 года
Образование: Bachelor of Science in Computing, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Сертификаты: TEFL

Hello, my name is James and I’m currently living in Mexico with my Mexican wife. I’ve been teaching English professionally for 2 years now, 14 months in Germany and the rest here in Los Mochis, Mexico. Fully TEFL trained, with extensions in Business English and Young Learners. Recently I’ve been working in China and Japan via Skype English lessons, and can honestly say that it’s the best way for one on one teaching there is, so you’re in safe hands to achieve your goals.

I’m Irish, but was educated in England so I have a nice British accent. I would describe myself as eccentric, fun and intelligent, and love curating interesting things for my students to do in-between lessons. Which will range from listening to music, looking at photos, videos on YouTube, news articles, comics and magazines.

So whether you’re planning to follow a course, preparing for an exam, conversation classes, or something completely different, I look forward to seeing you.

  • Общий разговорный курс
  • Бизнес-английский
  • Практическая грамматика
  • Постановка произношения
  • Подготовка к собеседованию
  • Подготовка к экзаменам: FCE, CPE, TOEFL
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