Бесплатный вводный
урок c Tim

Стаж: 20 лет
Образование: Bachelor of Science in Polymer Science and Technology
Сертификаты: TEFL

Hi, I’m Tim and I am British. Although I grew up in southeast Kent, looking over the Channel and France, my family are from Scotland, Cornwall and near Manchester. I left Britain for Italy 18 years ago, and I still live there now.

I have an extensive experience in teaching for all the exams, business courses, and general English courses. I have quite a lot of experience teaching people working in banking and finance, as well as other major international companies based here in Italy.

I always aim for my lessons to be relaxed and sociable, as you’ll do better when calm. I am good at teaching grammar, and I like to introduce more natural expressions than some of those you’ll find in the books.

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